Youth and Teachers Respond Collectively to Art Spiegelman's Maus Through Art and Inquiry: An Interview with Professor Rob Simon and Delta Senior Alternative School Teacher Sarah Evis

Posted by Rob Simon on December 21, 2015

In 2015, Dr. Rob Simon, Associate Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE), and students from his teacher education course partnered with Sarah Evis, a teacher from Delta Senior Alternative School in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and her grade 8 students, to study Art Spiegelman’s popular intergenerational Holocaust survivor memoir and graphic novel, Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

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Turning a Class into a Museum (Part II): Bridging Continents

Posted by Rob Flosman on June 12, 2015

In 2013, Waterdown District High School teacher Robert Flosman applied for and won a Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grant to create a Museum of History in his classroom as a way to engage students deeply and differently in the study of history. In November 2014, he wrote a post for this blog describing his museum. One year later, Rob has more to tell us about the museum Facing History and Ourselves’ grant made possible.

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Topics: History, Canada, Innovative Classrooms, Museum Studies, Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grants, Memorial, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanities Course

A Classroom Project with Community Impact: The Regent Park Immigrant Memorial Project

Posted by Jasmine Wong on May 26, 2015

Earlier in May, Facing History and Ourselves announced the 2015 winners of our annual Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grants. Facing History selected nine projects, all of which focus on collaborative learning, and were selected from a pool of international applications for their potential to inspire students to make a difference.

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Topics: Facing History Together, Canada, Innovative Classrooms, Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grants, Memorial, Middle School

Classroom Ideas Inspired by #MuseumWeek

Posted by Jasmine Wong on March 23, 2015

This week is #MuseumWeek, where museums from around the world will be convening with museum lovers on twitter to journey behind the scenes, to explore the grounds, and to share ideas about what we choose to remember for the future.

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Topics: Art, Facing History Resources, History, Innovative Classrooms, Museum Studies

Best of 2014: Top 6 Most Read Ontario Blogs

Posted by J H Slater on December 16, 2014

Reviewing the year we will soon be leaving behind, here are the Top Six Most Read Blogs from our Ontario educators:

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Topics: Innovative Classrooms, Media Skills, Museum Studies, Best of..., Inside a Genocide Classroom

8 Lessons the Museum of Human Rights Taught Me about My Classroom

Posted by Jamie on November 27, 2014

Museums are invaluable to education. The carefully selected exhibits, information, and artifacts provide tangible and visual evidence for exploration, reflection, and dialogue that support lessons in the classroom. Museums allow students to build upon prior knowledge – to see things differently.

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Topics: Art, Choosing to Participate, Facing History Resources, Holocaust, Canada, Innovative Classrooms, Museum Studies, Strategies

Turning a Classroom into a Museum

Posted by Julia R on November 5, 2014

Trips to the museum are a regular part of many history or humanities classrooms. A Facing History and Ourselves teacher in Waterdown and his Grade 11 Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity course students created one in their own classroom.

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Topics: Holocaust, Facing History and Ourselves, Canada, Innovative Classrooms, Museum Studies, Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grants, In the news, Inside a Genocide Classroom

Vote for Deb Brown. Here's Why.

Posted by Jasmine Wong on November 4, 2014

Meet Deborah Brown, one of the 20 finalists in our Facing History Together Teacher Recognition Contest.

Leora, Jeannette, Gillian, and I are so fortunate to work with so many amazing educators from across Canada: Educators who inspire us through their love for teaching, their enthusiasm for learning, and most of all, through their commitment to students. A number of individuals nominated one of these amazing teachers in this year's Facing History Together Teacher Recognition Contest: Her name is Deborah Brown and we want you to meet her.

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Facing History Together, Facing History and Ourselves, Innovative Classrooms

Can One Teacher Change Your Life?

Posted by Jasmine Wong on October 5, 2014

If you had a $5,000 classroom gift to give to a teacher for changing your life, who would you give it to?

At the Toronto office here at Facing History, we know so many teachers who work tirelessly and selflessly to give students learning experiences, words of wisdom, encouragement, and kindness to make meaningful change in their students' lives.

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Facing History Together, Innovative Classrooms

Skill vs. Intuition: The Art and Practice of Note-Taking

Posted by Michael Grover on August 5, 2014

Note-taking is an important learning strategy that can help prepare students to participate in a discussion or begin a writing activity. Notes can be used to recognize students’ misconceptions and questions, and to evaluate students’ understanding of material.

As educators, we all too often do not teach our students effective note-taking strategies, assuming instead that this skill is something that they will learn to do intuitively.

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Topics: History, Innovative Classrooms, Technology, Metacognitive startegies, Strategies, Lesson Ideas, English Classroom


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